Thursday, April 9, 2009

The best part about life right now is exams. .

Just kidding. . ;) don’t get me wrong. .i m still sane. .as much as these continuous exams. .staying up till late (reading novels. .right now I am into Twilight) & then getting up at something like 3am(phew !!) to study, have left me. .!
Whatever. .bt I hv been behaving pretty weirdly since recently. .i stare badly at people when I m talking to them. .as if they are some different species. . I m actually trying to figure out who, in my college suits the bill to be THE VAMPIRE AND THE WEREWOLF, ( that’s the Twilight effect). .even the slightest rustle of leaves in my garden makes me get up and look out for something. .again Twilight..! Why the hell did I have to pick up that book to read. .that is something I really cant understand. .(though I just totally love it). . And why I m reading it in between my exams( I m about to finish the 3rd part f the 4 part series. .)is something my mom cant understand. .( ""Its Twilight mom !!!"". .thats the only explaination that I am able to give to her. .and she's cool enough to shrug it off as something about which she cant really do anything. .)

Though I could easily fill up pages gushing how cool that book is. .explaining the mystries that are there. .bt I will obviously not ! Anyone who's read the book, I would love to hear what you think about it. .!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Be there forever...!

"There is one thing that I want to say..
I never wanted you to go away! "
The way things have turned up in the past and are going on is not what I had ever thought would happen to me. Sometimes we just take a lot of things for granted. Only when we loose them, we realise their importance.
People we think are going to be with us forever..have never imagined spending life without them…when they leave us s hell! Missing them is another aspect; but the way we are used to them being there for us all the time and suddenly…they are just not there anymore. I miss so many people in my life right now…and I would never want those who are there with me to ever go away…, My family…my friends.. who are my family too and everyone else whom I love..!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

still miss my school...!

I m one of those lucky people who r having the time of their life in kabhi kabhi I really miss my school ! I was a girls school (SVISG), and I never used to like it that way bcos f obvious reasons… but now after cming in BVP, I have realised that the experience I had there was the best thing that could have happened.
Nothing like I don’t like my college or nething…everything s perfect here… we do have those really fun moments in the cls, but unlike my school it is the guys who r involved in all that.. We( i.e. the girls ) are just laughing and enjoying it..!
But school used to be completely different.. I had the greatest luck in the world to have the kind of friends I had. We took all the initiative to cause some entertainment in the class. Be it asking non-relevant questions in the class or that we used to start taking notes on piece of papers, which used to irritate teachers so much.. In any group task, our group; that was me, ashi, dg and bhavya; used to do all talking and no work…and the moment bhalli( our english teacher) used to spend the rest f the cls giving comprehensive lectures about how we all have to get married one day and it is important for us to be responsible from now itself…! (ew..!)
The endless permission to bunk classes in the name of working was something we took ful advantage of..(v were in student council…which was too cool !) announcement krne ke naam pe pta nhi kitni clses bunk mari hain… and the best part was the way v made fun of Rangu (our chem teacher..who was chinese+south indian; which I have to say that’s a deadly combination..) that thing cn never be described …anyone from our cls s never going to forgt that day..
Everything from padai to masti to discussions for student council to taking endless rounds of office and techers to get the work done to playing hide nd seek while staying back for annual day preparations to marofying line on guys from other schools( that was okay) to discussing respective boyfriends to having endless rounds of Keventers in the last few days f school to doing checking of girls' nails and mehendi and colored hair (another task for appointees..tht was us) to SPACE club ki night outs(for star gazing) to sherin mam ki amazing biotech classes to the hell of the masti in school bus to Us getting very senti on last day….My School Totally ROCKED ! ! !

Monday, September 29, 2008

love s mad! ! !

"Twice in2 it, I m still nt sure what love is…!"
One thing is for sure, that what I see in mvies…it s nothing like that..! In fact it s worse than that.. Something like, even if you are totally liking a person and all that,you are never sure of what that person thinks..! Obviously, there are no veer-zaaras in this place who will wait for their love throughout their lives. I ws this filmy person, jiske lie life ws about one person only.. All what I thought came out to be totally wrong…cos hamari zindagi is not, and can NEVER be like a film..
Bt still sometimes there s this person in your life, whom you cant live without…jiske lie kuch karna achccha lagta hai..without caring about the consequences! Each and every small things about this person become difficult to forget.. And even if he hurts you, you forgive easily..!! !! If this s love, then love is all about sacrifice…about fondness…about minus any expectations..! If you can do this for someone…then its love for sure…!
Me…! I better nt take any chance for the third time… I'll just wait….!

Friday, September 12, 2008

If its lyf..its got 2 b tough!!

Everybody has a part f their life that’s called 'CONFUSION'. It may seem 2 others that I m in control f d fact is that currently there t a lot f things about which I hv no idea…I want 2 know somethings; but cant. Want 2 do a lot f things; bt cant. Want 2 say a lot f things; but cant !!
There has 2 b some way of getting 2 know what I m doing s right or nt…and especially why do I feel the way I do ! There hs to be some reasn fr it..for me missing sm1 so badly…for me being able 2 frgt sm1 so me wanting 2 hug sm1 and telling him that everything will b alright…for me dying to talk 2 sm1…for me wanting 2 tell sm1 2 let me be me, let me do what I want,for once… for me wanting 2 hurt sm1 and for loving the same person…over and over..forever!
I want to let sm1 know that I will be always there 4 her,no matter what happens…
I want to tell sm1 that he s my best friend..
I want 2 tell sm1 not 2 cry..cos she s the best...
I want 2 tell sm1 that he s the best brother…and that I still care..even if I dnt show it…….
I want to tell sm1 that he makes my lyf worth a million bucks..
I want to tell sm1 to nt worry nemore.. cos god has his plans…and they r good; trust me!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the 'un'studious lot-that's us!

Me and most of my friends wanted to go somewhere, and landed up somewhere else! I still remember how badly I wanted to go to iit(delhi to be specific)….my whole world was that place and the efforts I made to go there. I ws never disappointed with anything…any good result didn’t improve upon anything and any bad result didn’t made me unhappy.. I just had that one picture in my mind and that was to go to iit!
But ultimately didn’t get there…. But took the whole thing rather well; almost became sarcastic of the whole situation ! Why, I dnt know…but surely…like many other people, my life just didn’t end there. Now I m in BVP…doing engg…not IT( I dnt know y, but I just hate the very idea of doing IT engg.).. I m doing electrical…which is like totally cool! (nt saying this cos I cudnt get it…I had all the opportunity in d wrld ) Had it been upto me, I would have gone for automobile..but doesn’t matter..this one rocks too! Plus it ws cos of my totally mast friends that I ws able to accept this place…
...(we call BVP our second home…ghar jane ka man hi nhi karta…! ) ajkal to clg me aish marte hain…books kholi bhi nhi hain( actually jab result aya tha…to maths ki book khul gai thi!) but still nt like some others who have already strtd with the revisions… know this can harm in the long run… but kya yaar! 11-12 me pad pad ke mar gae..kuch nhi hua! M not redy to let go of my life 4 the sake of this degree once again..!!! Padai to hoti rahegi…hum bhi intelligent log hain…( last time top mara tha…what memories!!!!) v'll manage…as we always do; bt as of now…really looking forward to c Rock On !

Monday, August 25, 2008

Letting go.............

Life minus bothering about someone special seems too cool! I just love it this way…its like this- I talk to all those people I want to talk to; I bitch about ne1 I a little, cos its nt funny anymore when someone gets back to you…..(he he!!!) ; I talk about people I want t o…; I go where I want to go….(without thinking about where 'that' person wants to go….)
Most importantly, I dnt keep a check on ne1 now…for the first time in my clg life…I m FREE…like F. R. E. EEEEEEEEEE… yessss!!!
Jab se clg me ai thi, ws almost like some1's p.a.(dnt as k me who…my frnds know better…..) but suddenly It was all over; still dnt have ne damn idea how. I smtimes feel that I shud write a book on 'How 2 get over sm1'(as in forgetting a crush….dnt t hink otherwise!)!!! But it all hppnd so suddnly that it s almost unbelievable…. But have to tell u; Its great!!!
So for all those who are still going through the phase of following their crush and all that…guys; u are missing on smthing…......LIFE!!!! GO, GET IT