Thursday, April 9, 2009

The best part about life right now is exams. .

Just kidding. . ;) don’t get me wrong. .i m still sane. .as much as these continuous exams. .staying up till late (reading novels. .right now I am into Twilight) & then getting up at something like 3am(phew !!) to study, have left me. .!
Whatever. .bt I hv been behaving pretty weirdly since recently. .i stare badly at people when I m talking to them. .as if they are some different species. . I m actually trying to figure out who, in my college suits the bill to be THE VAMPIRE AND THE WEREWOLF, ( that’s the Twilight effect). .even the slightest rustle of leaves in my garden makes me get up and look out for something. .again Twilight..! Why the hell did I have to pick up that book to read. .that is something I really cant understand. .(though I just totally love it). . And why I m reading it in between my exams( I m about to finish the 3rd part f the 4 part series. .)is something my mom cant understand. .( ""Its Twilight mom !!!"". .thats the only explaination that I am able to give to her. .and she's cool enough to shrug it off as something about which she cant really do anything. .)

Though I could easily fill up pages gushing how cool that book is. .explaining the mystries that are there. .bt I will obviously not ! Anyone who's read the book, I would love to hear what you think about it. .!!!!


niharika said...

edwards hot in d mvi...u wana discuss game d buk..naahhhh...

BIG B said...

gotta read twilight ...then i'll tell..
write somethng meaningful yr..